Getting a Day about the Skiing Inclines

By Shelly Friday saw the start of Englan s first National HIV Testing Week.It runs from November 23rd until November 30th, ending just before World AIDS day on December 1st.lthough National Testing Week is primarily aimed at Gay men and African people (due to these female sex toys two groups statistically having the highest rates of HIV here in the UK), we at STB! think i s important for EVERYONE, regardless of race, gender or orientation, to get themselves tested.

In 2010, an estimated 91,500 people were living with HIV in the UK.Of these, around a quarter were unaware of their HIV infection.he overall proportion of people living with HIV in the UK is estimated to be 1 in 650;with the proportion of men living with HIV in the UK is estimated to be 1 in 500, while the proportion of women living with HIV in the UK is estimated to be 1 in 1000.o, why is it so vitally important to test for HIV as soon as possible The sad fact is that hundreds of the great american challenge dildo a year die because they test for HIV too late.The earlier you know you have the virus, the more you are able .

What if you had a pair of boobs that could not only offer you a satisfying and slippery titwank but could also give you a realistic vaginal penetration to mix cheap sex toys things up You know where this is going, don’ you From my favourite makers of weird and wonderful toys – Pipedream – comes the Pipedream Extreme Realistic Vagina and Tits Male Masturbator.his realistic male masturbator gives a whole new meaning to the presumably Wikepedia-coined phrase mammary intercourse as it actually allows you to penetrate the breasts as well as slide up and down between them.

To a Kate Middleton-shaped cookie.any thanks to Rackspacefor sending us the happy couple in confectionary form so we could set up this incredible photoshoot.


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