Exactly how Keeping Fingers will work for Your own Intercourse Existence

The Ultimate Lesbian Sex Toy;How we rolled up our sleeves to create our strap on harnesses &dildos and produce the perfect strap on for laydeez who love the ladies!eeewe!Since we opened our doors way back in 1992, weve witnessed, and been a part of, the amazing surge of popularity of strap on play within lesbian circles.Back in the day, if a woman wanted to strap on a dildo to pleasure her female lover, her choice was a heavy black leather harness or a ridiculous elasticated affair that twanged back on her every out-stroke.Dildo-wise it was dick shaped all the way! No wonder these toys turned a lot of lesbians off strap on sex.Afterall, lesbians had been told for years that either they were trying to BE men ( with their short haircuts and manly boots) or what they actually needed was a good shagging BY a man (or man-shaped device!) When we first opened, we searched in vain for descent strap ons to stock. Whilst innovative &colourful dildos were being made in silicone in the US and NZ, no one was doing it here.Realising that to import such toys would.

Intimate spots.y blog TV presenter Annabelle explains:To watch videos, you need Version 9 or greater of the Flash Player.lick here to see which Flash Version you have.f you have Version 8 or less, get the latest Flash Player here.ou also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.tart off with a gentle, fluttering speed and work yo.

king for an entry-level penis pump, 5mil’s review of the Lust Buster Pump will be of interest to you.Fairly appraising its pros and cons, he comes to the conclusion that this is a great introductory pump.Read the review.ven advanced players can have a new thrill with the Love Labs Advanced Twin Ridge Glass Butt Plug.Testing out glass and giving it a thorough comparison to other anal toys, Cheapthrills lets us know how large and weighty this piece is.

Several times over! Read the review.ew to reviewing at my blog, ruffledsheets explains to us why the Fun Factory Booty Butt Plug is still his favourite.With helpful comparisons to other plugs, we felt this review would encourage both newbies and seasoned anal pros to add this to their toy collection.Read the review.eatured in this blog post:Sex Toy Reviews.


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