Over-planning pleasure is a sure-fire way to spoil the moment

Whether lounging on a white sand beach, snuggled up in a mountain retreat or creating a rural love nest together, your honeymoon will be packed with memorable moments and (hopefully) lots of exceptionally good sex. Alot of people find the best sex they’ve ever had was on holiday, as they’re away from their usual surrounding and totally relaxed. This is magnified when you’re getting the royal treatment as the bride or groom and that holiday just happens to be your honeymoon.For most of us the honeymoon is no longer our sexual initiation, but that doesn’t make consummating the marriage any less significant.Just after your wedding, when all those closest to you have gathered to celebrate your relationship, you’ll be feeling closer, fully committed and totally euphoric. It’s time to celebrate being newlyweds, thoroughly enjoy your new husband or wife and get lots of special attention.A new bed (maybe a four poster in a castle or a tented bed in a hot climate) brings with it a new sexual energy and even if you’ve been stoking each other’s fires for years, you can always try something fresh and exciting.


the bottom line is that the Victorians were OBSESSED by sex. This is an era when table legs were covered for fear of being too suggestive for uncontrollable male desire…When little boys were sent to bed with electro cution devices strapped to their penises…When it was a widely accepted belief that an STD could be cured by having sex with children…And when a virgin could be bought for 5 pounds… In the 18 60’s, the same decade the vibrator can into the world, the age of consent was 12-years-old. Victorian society was indisputably sexualised.

Over-planning pleasure is a sure-fire way to spoil the moment, so have these suggestions at hand to put to use at the right time and ensure your honeymoon is the happiest and sexiest holiday of your life.1. Indulge in a Luxury Sex ToyYou’ve probably just spent more than you ever thought possible on flowers and cake, so why not spend a little more than you would on a luxury sex toy and treat yourselves to a wedding present that will strengthen your marriage?If you find it hard to justify the bigger price tag, think of it as an investment in your pleasure. Made from superior materials, luxury sex toys really last and with most being rechargeable, you’ll recoup the initial outlay of the course of the toy’s life by not having to buy batteries.A great luxury toy for couples is the We Vibe II (64.99)which can be worn while you have sex, so you can stay as close as possible during your honeymoon.

In my opinion, to a more damaging degree, than thongs on dolls and sext-ting between teens…. Vibrators “came out” (albeit briefly) as what they truly were – providers of sexual pleasure, in the 1920’s when they started appearing in “stag films” – or to use the modern term, porn films.The *roaring* 20’s, was a time of great sexual liberation; Marie Stopes opened the UKs first family planning clinic..A gay subculture began to develop in cities…Women were given the vote, as well as many other rights, which legally made them people in their own right, for the first time…As hems rose, sexual constraint lowered. Modern vibrators re-emerged into mainstream society in the 1950’s when, disguised as massagers, nail buffers and even vacuum cleaner attachments, they were sold widely in mail order catalogues. Interestingly, this also coincided with a time when women were forced back into convention, and longer skirts, after the relative sexual gender freedom they’d enjoyed in the war. But .

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