Awesome news! Weve been nominated for two different industry awards

Awesome news! Weve been nominated for two different industry awards. For the O Awards, weve been nominated under the category Outstanding Boutique. In the StorErotica Awards, weve been nominated for Retailer of the Year (Independent). We are truly honored to have been recognized.

aged, and photo-shopped to a male ideal of perfection, and the images projected give a single, fixed idea of women to young readers. To women, the impossible ideal is held up as an achievable image, fuelling body insecurities of all sorts. For men, the message is that women are two dimensional creatures, not fully human, and interested in nothing but looking sexy and enticing.Meanwhile, in Castelammare di Stabia, womens legs are discreetly covered up in the name of public decorum. A male mayor (and one elected on the ticket of the notoriously sexist Silvio Berlusconi) gets to decide what women can and cannot wear in public. In another way, this legislation is removing power from women the power to go out feeling confident and attractive in their own bodies, and the power to set their own limits on what they find comfortable and appropriate, without .

9)Fast becoming the most popular Fleshlight on my blog, the Flight by Fleshlight is a sensational stroker with real pleasure power, delivering new heights of pleasure with its super suction entry and turbine-like texture. It’s discreet, non-anatomical and a fanastic investment in his pleasure.This selection of luxury Valentine’s Day gifts for him is ideal if you know that your partner adores sex toys. Each is perfect for when you want to treat them to something extra special.Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit STU Fleshlight (52.99)With loads of fantastic reviews, the Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit STU Fleshlight is one of my blog’s most popular. The texture is especially designed to help him prolong his pleasure, by training him to deal with intense sensations. So, even after the Valentine’s thrill is over, you’ll both be able to enjoy the benefits of this lifelike sex toy.Spider Hands Free Realistic Male Masturbator (84.99)The Spider Hands Free Realistic Male Masturbator is ahands-free male masturbator that’s unrivalled in terms of the sensations it produces and the pleasure it provides. Not only does the have a lifelike vagina opening and an amazing internal texture, but it can stick to flat surfaces and be angled perfectly to suit his every whim.Fun Factory Cobra Libre Luxury Male Vibrator (79.99)Let the sexy buzz of Valentine’s continue long after the day has passed with Fun Factory’s Cobra Librea Luxury Male Vibrator. Specifically designed to stimulate the male anatomy and completely waterproof, it’s the perfect Valentine’s present for any loving husband or boyfriend.See more Luxury Valentine’s Gifts for HimNeed more help?You can Contact Customer Care, who willbe able to help you find the right gift. You can send an email any time, and telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor from 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday.The other great place to look for people’s advice on condoms is on the my blog Forum, where our community is on hand 24/7 to give their opinions and tips.There’s a great thread called: Giving a Sex Toy as Gift: Your Best Advice? which is definitely worth reading.Contact my blog Customer Care | VisitThe my blog ForumYou may also likeHow to Buy Him a Sexy GiftGreatest Valentine’s Gifts for CouplesTop 10 Gifts for Better ForeplayGuide to the Best Sex Games.


let your hand rise and fall in line with your mouth

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and She Bop will be donating 10% of all in-store sales on Tuesdays this month to Bradley Angle.In 1975, Bradley Angle became the first domestic violence shelter on the West Coast (and only the 4th in the United States). Ove.

ben wa balls

ben wa balls

The attention that the books been getting is causing a stir in the bedroom too. The scene in which Ana tries Love Balls (or Ben Wa Balls) for the first time, to spectacular results, has got you all grabbing our selection of Love Exercise Balls off the shelf faster than we can fill it!Weve also seen a lot more interest in beginners BDSM gear. You kinky people just arent content with reading about what Ana Christian get up to, you want to act it out too!

bling deeper penetration. A yawning motion will also open the back of your throat. You’re bound to feel resistance at the back of your throat, but go as s-l-o-w-l-y as you need to, getting him to press down on your P6 acupressure point if you find it helps – gradually your throat should acclimatise to the feeling of being full up If you’re able to swallow around his penis, that will let him into your throat even more. And for those who don’t like the taste of semen, deep throat may be just up your street – if you time it right, his penis will bypass your taste buds…Stop the moment it all gets too much, though – the very fact that you’ve tried is enough to command huge respect. And don’t sweat if you find that deep throat just isn’t for you. Try lubing up one of your hands instead, and just take him as far into your mouth as you can manage. As you do so, place your lubed hand firmly around the base of his penis. Whilst sucking and licking him, let your hand rise and fall in line with your mouth, and that should do the trick…Refreshingly frank and funny, actress and presenter Julie Peasgood delivers practical information to transform your sex life. The Greatest Guide to Sex explores the world of eroticism, revealing secrets and techniques that will energise and enhance your enjoyment..

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SexToysbrand Sex Mischief have got everything you need to start exploring your Dominant or Submissive side. The Sh! Girlz recommend experimenting with restraint and some light spanking, and going from thereBut, not to be outdone, Sh! has been way ahead of the game for two decades now, hand-making our own bondage necessities, blindfolds, collars, cuffs and spankers in Sh! Towers, East London. Local kinky best sex toys.

Looking to buy your special someone a gift at She Bop but dont want the kids in tow?

Looking to buy your special someone a gift at She Bop but dont want the kids in tow? Ruby Jewel and She Bop are teaming up to make your holiday shopping a little bit easier this year.Bring your child to the North Portland Ruby Jewel for an ice cream and well do the r.

Button is a hugely erotic point; gentle tickling here offers very sensual sensations radiating out from the naval and downwards. The stomach is most sensitive just under the belly button, around two inches below it. Every touch of your lips, tongue or fingers there will helpfully rouse hot sensations in her nether regions, as well as relax her muscles.


Your boudoir and body. Plus it’s guaranteed not to burn you, leave grease stains all over your favourite lingerie or annoy PETA as it’s 100% vegan friendly. Best of all it smells and tastes of sweet, succulent, tasty, fresh cooked… *dribble* BACON.Baconlube is a limited edition product. We don’t know how much Baconlube J&D made, but we’re lapping it up while stocks last.A vegan-friendly, flavoured porking that will leave you squealing like a piggy? best sex toys wesome!.

Run your hands all over her stomach, from ribs down to pelvic bones. Using your fingertips, gently tease by circling from the hip bone to the top of the pubic area. Slow, soft licks and kisses down her stomach will lead you to on to other G Spotareas that just luurve stimulation eventually… Firmly pressing underneath her bellybutton with the heel of your hand is a good way to externally stimulate her G-spot as during sex.Using her cheap sex toys (something like the IDEAL Massager Vibe works especially well) over .

Over-planning pleasure is a sure-fire way to spoil the moment

Whether lounging on a white sand beach, snuggled up in a mountain retreat or creating a rural love nest together, your honeymoon will be packed with memorable moments and (hopefully) lots of exceptionally good sex. Alot of people find the best sex they’ve ever had was on holiday, as they’re away from their usual surrounding and totally relaxed. This is magnified when you’re getting the royal treatment as the bride or groom and that holiday just happens to be your honeymoon.For most of us the honeymoon is no longer our sexual initiation, but that doesn’t make consummating the marriage any less significant.Just after your wedding, when all those closest to you have gathered to celebrate your relationship, you’ll be feeling closer, fully committed and totally euphoric. It’s time to celebrate being newlyweds, thoroughly enjoy your new husband or wife and get lots of special attention.A new bed (maybe a four poster in a castle or a tented bed in a hot climate) brings with it a new sexual energy and even if you’ve been stoking each other’s fires for years, you can always try something fresh and exciting.


the bottom line is that the Victorians were OBSESSED by sex. This is an era when table legs were covered for fear of being too suggestive for uncontrollable male desire…When little boys were sent to bed with electro cution devices strapped to their penises…When it was a widely accepted belief that an STD could be cured by having sex with children…And when a virgin could be bought for 5 pounds… In the 18 60’s, the same decade the vibrator can into the world, the age of consent was 12-years-old. Victorian society was indisputably sexualised.

Over-planning pleasure is a sure-fire way to spoil the moment, so have these suggestions at hand to put to use at the right time and ensure your honeymoon is the happiest and sexiest holiday of your life.1. Indulge in a Luxury Sex ToyYou’ve probably just spent more than you ever thought possible on flowers and cake, so why not spend a little more than you would on a luxury sex toy and treat yourselves to a wedding present that will strengthen your marriage?If you find it hard to justify the bigger price tag, think of it as an investment in your pleasure. Made from superior materials, luxury sex toys really last and with most being rechargeable, you’ll recoup the initial outlay of the course of the toy’s life by not having to buy batteries.A great luxury toy for couples is the We Vibe II (64.99)which can be worn while you have sex, so you can stay as close as possible during your honeymoon.

In my opinion, to a more damaging degree, than thongs on dolls and sext-ting between teens…. Vibrators “came out” (albeit briefly) as what they truly were – providers of sexual pleasure, in the 1920’s when they started appearing in “stag films” – or to use the modern term, porn films.The *roaring* 20’s, was a time of great sexual liberation; Marie Stopes opened the UKs first family planning clinic..A gay subculture began to develop in cities…Women were given the vote, as well as many other rights, which legally made them people in their own right, for the first time…As hems rose, sexual constraint lowered. Modern vibrators re-emerged into mainstream society in the 1950’s when, disguised as massagers, nail buffers and even vacuum cleaner attachments, they were sold widely in mail order catalogues. Interestingly, this also coincided with a time when women were forced back into convention, and longer skirts, after the relative sexual gender freedom they’d enjoyed in the war. But .

ory (4th from bottom) 3. Click on the my blog logo and click ‘Vote Now’ 4. A little green tick will appear in the corner of the box – your vote has been counted.

G-spot massage even if you dont fancy vibration

As yours has started fairly recently, I think it’s likely to be more psychological than physical – but please don’t worry as it’s a common problem – and it can be got over.Over the last year I have started to suffer with premature ejaculation after only several minutes of intercourse. Previously my wife would always achieve orgasm before me. Do you have any advice in terms of any medication or tips in order for me to delay orgasm and keep my erection for longer?

Medication is not the usual approach for tackling premature ejaculation. When it’s been a problem for a considerable time then GPs sometimes try prescribing an anti-depressant (only because one of the side effects of anti-depressants is that they can slow down ejaculation). But these tend to be prescribed more when the problem is a long term one. As yours has started fairly recently, I think it’s likely to be more psychological than physical – but please don’t worry as it&rsq.

ound of peeling techniques and prop dancing. We will also explore classic burlesque characters before constructing a series of short teases as a group. Together, we will discover a deeper sense of our personal erotic being while developing a greater appreciation for our feminine power!Students should dress in comfortable clothes such a yoga or dance wear. Music and demo props will be provided by Miss Moone. All levels of fitness welcome, no dan.

ely the vibe for you! The deep G-spot curve, plus the curvy head, make this vibrator ideal for really firm G-spot play. The vibrations strong enough to give a really amazing sensation, and it can be used for G-spot massage even if you dont fancy vibration (or if youve run the batteries down 😉 )Add an extra-sexy silicone shaft, three speeds of vibration and six delicious pulse settings, and whats not to like?The Ophoria range are the the luscious luxury toys of the summertheyre in-store from Friday or available now on our websiteShare|.

Everything you could want to make Valentines a special and sexy day!

Yes – if they’re not properly cleaned. Non-porous toys, made from stainless steel, glass, or medical grade silicone, are the easiest to sterilize.My new lady has quite a collection of sex toys but some of them look well past their sell-by date! Can you get an infection from using sex toys?Yes – if they’re not properly cleaned. Non-porous toys, made from stainless steel, glass, or medica.

1.99 and will lead you with voice cues through a whopping 20 levels, beginning with slower and fewer repetitions and building to more challenging exercises. Our favorite feature is that you can set a daily alert so youll never forget to get in your kegels!Another really great app we found is called?

TranSquat. TranSquat is $2.99 and uses your phones current GPS location to help you find gender neutral bathrooms in your vicinity. We couldnt help but no.


ip tease tracks for hot movesplus some Petits Bonbons make-believe banknotes to add a thrill to your play!And finally, the new Sexy Surprise Valentine Seta greta collection of everything you could want to make Valentines a special and sexy day! Containing two vibes, plus dressing up goodies, lube, some love dice and a sweet lollipop for you and your sweetheart, this is one set that will definitely add a thrill to Valentines!

shape and cool feel can be used for exciting solo and share

For some, metal sex toys can seem intimidating. However, when you realise that they’re smooth, sensual and used for hot and cold sensory play, that perception can soon change. Recently for my blog TV, our resident model and writer Hella took at look at the Metal Worx collection, explaining how their weight, shape and cool feel can be used for exciting solo and share.

On the political role of monogamy in building support for same-sex marriage. PULP featuring best-selling thriller author Chelsea Cain reading a very dirty story, mystery author Laura Lippman on her love of noir, and dramatic reading of great new lesbian pulp.THE DINNER PARTY featuring author.Jane Gerhard talking about the landmark work of feminist art, contemporary artist Sophia Wallace on her new show Cliteracy, astounding vegan chef Isa Chandra Moskowit.

Jon Jordan, an American assassin for hire, whilst he is under her care, recovering from full facial reconstructive surgery (it could happen! 🙂 ). The sexual tension is apparent as soon as they meet in the early chapters, and soon they are ripping one another’s clothes off in the throes of passion.The glitzy magic of Christmas is the perfect backdrop for Bad Angels, and this escapist read is a fun way to start the New Year and keep you occupied throughout January!Available at Sh! Womens Erotic Emporium, Hoxton.